Certified Car Seat Installation


More than 90% of car seats are not used correctly... how confident are you?

Bringing your new baby home can be one of the most nerve wracking moments of your life.

As they grow, you wonder when to change car seats, when to turn them, what is safest and


Our Car Seat Safety for Parents and Providers offers invaluable education that will leave you feeling

confident and secure in your child's safety!

Swing by our Car Seat Installation clinics for a drive-thru style installation check,

offered monthly in varying locations. 



Car Seat Installation:

Cost: 50.00 per seat

(approx. 30 min sessions per car seat, by appointment only)



Please call (952)220-3408 or e-mail jennifer@sacredspacebirthmn.com to schedule 



"I knew nothing about car seats before having my daughter (other than watching my mother with my younger siblings) and I am so thankful I took the time to learn about car seat safety. I have learned so much from Sacred Space Birth Services that I don't think first time parents even think about! I am so glad I took the time to know that my child is safe going from point A to point B!" -First time mom to baby H