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Lactation Education & Breastfeeding Support

You can now see sacred Space Birth Services Owner and Lactation Counselor, Jennifer Koenig for in home lactation support, as well as in office at Geneabirth midwifery. 

Breastfeeding 101

Held every other month at our office in St. Paul, minnesota

This 3 hour in office group lactation education class will get you and your baby off to the best start on your breastfeeding journey. With the latest evidence-based approaches, you and your support person will learn how breastfeeding works, nutrition for a the breastfeeding person, optimal positioning and latch, getting back to work & so much more! Taught by Sacred Space Birth Services Owner and Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC), Jennifer Koenig, this class will provide you the information and confidence you need to reach your breastfeeding goals & connect you with other breastfeeding families,.

The cost of this class is $75.00 per pair.


On the calendar:

August 23rd - 6pm-8:30pm

October 25th - 6pm-8:30pm

December 13th - 6pm-8:30pm


To register, please e-mail or call 952-220-3408

Private Breastfeeding consult

Experiencing a hiccup in your breastfeeding journey? In person breastfeeding support can help you troubleshoot your individual difficulties and get back on track towards your long term breastfeeding goals. Sacred Space Birth Services Owner and Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC), Jennifer Koenig is happy to assist you in home on an as needed basis. or in office at Geneabirth Midwifery.

The cost of a 90 minute in home support visit is $90.00. In office visits $75.00.  Return visits $60.00. 



To schedule any visit call 952-220-3408