Birth and Postpartum Doula, Student Homebirth Midwife, CLEC, HBHD, SBD, CPST, CST

Hello! My name is Jennifer- founder of Sacred Space Birth Services, wife to Paul and mother to two very cheerful boys. We live on a little lot of land- typically chasing our babies and raising our chickens- always outdoors, near water, or enjoying good food.

I believe that every body is made to bring new life into this world through birth. My role as your Doula is to support the birth experience each person desires emotionally, spiritually and physically, and to smooth the bumps in the road that accompany this unpredictable, yet incredible journey. 

I have always had a strong connection and love for families and their babies. I came to doula work by way of childcare, spending over a decade as a professional provider and teacher. I studied infant development and postpartum care which fostered an incredible passion for pregnancy, prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding and placenta therapy. I dreamt that someday I could utilize this passion to educate and support those who are expecting to welcome a baby into the world. 

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child, I read every book and every blog, and I fell deeply in love with the pregnancy and birth process. It was my own birth that inspired me to pursue my dream to start my very own birth services business. The immense support I experienced from my birth team, and my doula, showed me the true value of labor and postpartum support. 

I am trained by Childbirth International as a birth (labor) doula, am a graduate of The University of California San Diego as a CLEC (Certified Lactation Educator Counselor) which specializes in breastfeeding classes and extended lactation counseling, and am also certified by Stillbirthday as a birth and bereavement doula (SBD). I am an active member of The Childbirth Collective, a local non-profit that provides evidence based childbirth education to our community. This membership allows me to give back to my community while being in the center of constant continuing education! I have been trained by The Queer Birth Project as a LGTBQ ally, and am passionate that everybody gets the support they desire. 

most recently I added CPST (certified car seat passenger technician), and infant and prenatal craniosacreal therapy to my skills set. being able to support parents as they bring their new babies into the world, providing them with evidence based practices, and instilling them with confidence in their children's safety has been a joy. 

I recognize the importance of the whole spectrum of the perinatal period, and I cannot wait to assist your family through pregnancy to birth, and beyond! 

Doula Jen 


Birth and Postpartum Doula, Educator, Hypno-Doula, CST

Hello!  My name is Kara.  I have three amazing children, two furry friends, and an incredible partner and teammate to share them with, my husband, Nathan.  People tell us we have our hands full - we believe full hands equal fuller hearts.  I am a birth worker in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, and I want to accompany you on your journey to a fuller heart! 

I have over ten years' experience in childcare and early childhood education; the past three years of my childcare career were spent almost exclusively with infants.  I left childcare to be a stay at home mom, and decided to turn my passion for pregnancy and childbirth (and all that comes with it) into a career. 

I am a DONA trained birth (labor) doula.  I believe strongly in continuing education.  Some of my professional goals include completing certification as a postpartum doula, and a lactation counselor, as well as becoming a childbirth educator.

I believe our bodies were created and designed to function perfectly.  Pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding are as natural and instinctive to our bodies as breathing, digestion, and sleeping.  However, birth is also one of the most momentous occasions of our lives!  And, although our bodies know what to do, it's reassuring to prepare our brains and our hearts for this truly life-changing journey.

Each one of my children is different from the others, just like their births.  With each pregnancy and birth I became more and more fascinated by the process.  I attended classes, read articles and blogs online, devoured childbirth and breastfeeding books, asked for advice and firsthand stories from trusted women in my life...  I believe the single most important thing you can do for yourself throughout this process is education!  I want to encourage you to meet your inner strength and power.  Birth is not a one-size-fits-all experience.  You CAN choose a birth experience that is catered to your preferences and the health needs of you and your baby.

Doula Kara


Birth and Postpartum Doula, Educator, Lactation Counselor

Hi! I’m Stephany.

I have been passionate about childbirth and personal health and wellness for as long as I can remember. I have dedicated myself to enhancing the experiences of those within my life and community. As a certified birth doula, I have gained vast understanding of and compassion for those seeking the most fulfilling birth experience possible. I am also a big fan of and am educated in aromatherapy and holistic approaches for wellness and healing.

I promise to do my best to give you peace of mind and empowerment that your body is incredible and can achieve amazing things.

I love to be challenged and I have a strong dedication to those who have chosen me as their guide and support.

A true Minnesota girl born and raised, I love the outdoors, hiking and camping, gardening, traveling, cooking and baking.

I currently live in our little corner of the country, with my husband, our four children, and three dogs. We plan to add a few more friends to our family in the future!

Doula Stephany


Licensed Homebirth Midwife, LPM, CPM, Postpartum Doula, Educator

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My name is Sarah and I am a mother of 5, doula, and professional midwife that serves families here in the Twin Cities. I began my journey as a birth worker shortly after the birth of my first daughter in 2000. I wasn’t happy with the birth at a local facility and found out about doulas the day after my daughter was born. I never went back to work, and instead chose to train with DONA and become a birth doula myself. I have been attending births now for 18 years.

I stated attending births and was happy to serve other families during their birth and postpartum period. I maintained an amazing friendship with my midwife that eventually led to an apprenticeship after the birth of my third daughter. I believe that midwifery care should be holistic an mother led, and I love that by apprenticing I was able to learn all about continuity of care.

I took some time off to give birth to my twins (also born at home!) and went back after they were well established nursers! I finished my six year apprenticeship by sitting for my NARM test and getting my CPM. I call myself a traditional midwife because I believe midwifery isn’t medical, and normal birth is not a medical event. I am there to serve birthing people and help them find the right sources and information that fits their unique needs. Every family is individual, and should be seen as such.

I nursed all 5 of my children, ranging from four months with my first, to four years with some. I think that breastfeeding is an amazing thing and I am happy to help that relationship grow with each mother and baby.

I am a midwife, doula and postpartum doula with a lot of experience caring for our community’s families.

Doula Sarah