On Self Care.. or,.. self management?

First, do something every day to enrich your mind, your soul/spirit/emotional well-being and your body.  Second, managing your life to help make these things happen.  

On Boundaries

…you are your child’s advocate (and your own!), and you get to decide how you want to live your life, what is and is not best for your children, and what works best for you as a family. 

On The Importance of Provider Support

You don’t have to go into every prenatal appointment with your defenses up, armed with information, prepared to argue your case with your provider.  There are providers who value their patients, mother and baby, and who are willing to fight FOR them and not against them.  They will not try to take advantage of your vulnerability during labor.  They will not try to scare you into decisions you don’t want to make.  They will not shame you for your choices.  These providers do exist!  We just have to look for them.  

On Sibling Doulas

Sibling doulas are a valuable asset to any birth team. If you are considering inviting your children to attend your birth or have children who have already requested to attend the birth of their new sibling, a sibling doula is a great way to ensure your children are supported, informed, and cared for.

The belief in support for every member of the family, at any age.

A Doula for Everyone!

The birth of a new baby is also the birth of a new family.