Sacred Space Birth Services
Minnesota Doula and Breastfeeding


Our promise:

  • To provide current evidence based research regarding pregnancy, labor and postpartum periods
  • To listen to your wants and needs and to make them our very own
  • To support you in your goals to the healthiest and best birth possible
  • To be of constant support in a timely manner

We are proud to serve those who chose to birth in hospital, birth center and at home. Twin birth, high risk, VBAC, surrogate birth, adoptive families, LGBTQ, POC & more.

In a strictly spiritual sense, to “hold space” for another is to make yourself a centering force.  To hold the space for a person giving birth is make yourself the solid ground beneath while labor throws everything it’s got at them.  It means passing no judgement or holding no sway over decision making, nor the perception of the persons experience.  It means not trying to fix the unfixable, or reason with the unreasonable. It means accepting that there will be times in labor when the birthing person comes a bit unglued, and will be convinced that they cannot do it – and knowing what needs to be heard (and doesn’t need to be heard) when that time comes. It means making it emotionally safe for them and their support person to live through this most intense of experiences in their own way, and to feel whatever emotions come with it. It means making sure they know there’s a safe space if and when they need to talk afterwards.

In that moment…for those hours…your birth team is right in it with you.  

Nothing else matters.

Sacred Space Birth Services was once a dream behind a passionately inspired woman. To utilize her love of pregnancy and health, birth, lactation, the fourth trimester and so much more.  For years Jennifer studied holistic health and natural birth- all while working with children and their families. A true passion and respect for pregnancy and the birthing process is the driving force behind her promise -- to hold your space. Your Sacred Space, however you dream it.