Our Favorite Recipes: Elderberry Elixer


Homemade Organic Elderberry Syrup is a must have every Minnesota Fall and Winter at our house. Over the years I have trialed and tested and perfected what I believe is the best tasting elderberry syrup around! We use it (along with many other things, of course) to ward off the winter time “bugs” and keep our immune systems in tip top gear. While I cannot promise that this is the magic potion for cold season, I can at least promise your kids will like it! Bonus- as Kara says, it makes a fantastic pancake syrup.

Homemade Elderberry Elixer

3 1/2 cups filtered water

2/3 cup dried organic (if you can find organic this time of year!) elderberries

2 cinnamon sticks

1/8 cup marshmallow root

1/8 cup licorice root

1/8 cup rosehips

1/4 teaspoon clove powder

2 inch chunk fresh ginger

1 cup raw, local honey

  1. Combine all ingredients in a pot except honey.

2. Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce to a simmer.

3. Simmer ingredients for about 45 min, or until your liquid has halved (I prefer to do exactly 45 min and have a runnier “syrup”.. halving the liquid will produce a thicker substance)

4. Remove from heat. Strain liquid being sure to press or mash carefully.

5. Let liquid cool to lukewarm. Then mix in your honey. Stir well.

6. Bottle and enjoy!





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